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About Us

Our Location

We are centrally located, near downtown Red Deer. The heritage craftsman home was built in 1912 and lovingly maintained inside and out. The soft wooden tones and natural light are pleasing to a child's senses making it an ideal place for learning and growth. Our school house boasts a large natural backyard, where children can experience nature daily and is located within walking distance to parks and trails.

Wonderflow School House

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to create an environment that brings, to the children, the activities, the methods, and the philosophy inspired by Waldorf pedagogy and philosophy. We want to create a bridge from the preschool years into the school years that is natural, relevant and respectful of each child’s stage of childhood development. This is the time in a child’s life when they are laying their foundation. We will help them lay a foundation of imagination, life-skill, respect, gratituded, and curiosity for each other and for our natural world through a play-based program. 

Our School House brings together a mixture of children. There are a variety of ages from three to six years. Some children are in full time and others in part time. Some children are home schooled, some attend half days at a mainstream school and others have yet to experience attending a program with a group of their peers. With this in mind, we do our utmost, as teachers and caregivers, to create an environment of trust, whereby each child feels free to seek, ask, learn, and express who s/he is. We aim to be sensitive and supportive of each child’s right to dignity and self-worth, where respect for all is nurtured. 

“Receive the Child in reverence, educate the Child in love, and let the Child go in freedom!”

  -Rudolf Steiner

What does ‘Waldorf inspired’ mean to us?

We are an early childhood center, which means that we take information and practices from all areas of the early childhood field. This gives us the most current, and innovative information to use in our daily practice.

Our philosophy is inspired by the pedagogy from the Waldorf philosophy, but our greatest interest is in what is best for the children. Sometimes this means introducing art experiences, or more innovative music experiences that are not ‘pure’ Waldorf curriculum. 

Waldorf based programs may differ according to geography, culture, group size, age-range, and individual teaching approach. Granting these differences, Waldorf programs share certain fundamental characteristics:

  • Educators who are committed to the well being, and healthy development of all children.

  • Educators who understand the impressions they make on children’s lives, and who are worthy of the children’s imitation.

  • Environments that give opportunities for child lead play with simple and natural play materials.

  • Awareness that young children learn through imitation, through diverse sensory input, and through movement.

  • Environments that offer limits, and protection in the form of boundaries, as well as the possibility to take risks and meet challenges.

  • Artistic activities such as storytelling, music, drawing and painting, rhythmic games, and modeling that foster healthy creative development.

  • Meaningful practical work such as cooking, baking, gardening, handwork and domestic activity that provide opportunities for social, and intellectual development.

  • Predictable rhythms through the day, week and year that provide a sense of security, seasons, and time change.

  • Festivals and seasonal changes are celebrated according to the cultural and geographical surroundings.

  • An emphasis on the process of art exploration, rather than the product produced.

  • An emphasis on the social and emotional well being of the child, rather than strictly the academic outcomes. 

  • Educators who understand the value of natural materials such as wool, wood, bees wax, silk, and cotton, and their importance in the lives of children.

Our Mission 

We recognize that healthy child development happens holistically in the context of a community with healthy social relationships among parents, educators and children. In our administrative processes, financial practices, and leadership outcomes, we work collaboratively rather than hierarchically. Our school is non-profit, to guarantee that any remaining funds filter back down to the benefit of the children, and educators. We are not interested in personal gain or self interest in the community, but rather to offer a truly unique early childhood experience in Red Deer. Wonderflow School House and all of its educators strive to create a conscious, and collaborative environment for the children in out community.

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