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Little Gnomes (Toddler Program)

Little Gnomes (toddler program)

Wonderflow School House offers a unique classroom environment with the toddler at the forefront. Following Waldorf teachings, we have a home-like atmosphere where children are surrounded in the natural beauty of fine, wooden play structures and tables. This program meets the diverse needs of the child from 19 months to 3 years of age. At this age children are expanding from parallel play to cooperative play. It may also be their first experience away from their caregiver. We nurture their developing sense of independence with gentle guidance. We will further promote toilet learning that is been established at home. With their growing vocabulary we aim to give them the words to express their emotions and work with each other. Daily excursions to our amazing play-yard will serve to further their imagination, strength and gross motor skills.


Programming (year-round):

Full day: 8am-4:30pm


Minimum of two session per week, priority given to full time children, and siblings of current attendees. Early drop-offs/late pick-ups available, see below.


Number of days per week, billed monthly

5- 1575.00

4- 1250.00

3- 930.00

2- 630.00


Includes daily morning and afternoon snack(s), as well as lunch.

These fees reduced by the Government affordability grant. If your child attends 3 days or more per week they will be eligible for a 510.00$ discount/month. If your child attends 2 days per week, you will get a discount of 255.00$/ month off your total bill. 

Toadstools (Pre-school Program)

Toadstools (pre-school program)

Wonderflow creates an environment that brings children the activities, methods and philosophy inspired by Waldorf training and explorations. We want to create a bridge from the preschool years into the school years that is natural, relevant and respectful of your child's stage of childhood development. This is the time in your child's life when they are laying their foundation. We will help them lay a foundation of imagination, life skills, respect, gratitude, and curiosity for each other and for our natural world through a play-based program.

Wonderflow offers a rolling enrollment program for all children ages 3-6 years. Unlike many other schools, you do not have to wait for the next academic year to start! We, therefore, accept toilet-trained 3-years-old once they have celebrated their third birthday, as long as space is available.


Programming (year-round):

Morning (½ day): 8am-12pm *

Afternoon (½ day): 12:30pm-4:30pm*

Full day: 8am-4:30pm



Number of days per week, billed monthly

5 days- 1369.00

4 days- 1090.00

3 days- 820.00

2 days- 547.00

* Half days are only offered to children attending kinder garden, or childfree who are waitlisted for a full day spot. 

Minimum of two sessions per week. Early drop-offs/late pick-ups are available, see below.

Summer Child Care (school-age children)

Additional Program Information


Wonderflow offers a rolling enrollment program for all children ages 19 month to 6 years old. A one-time non-refundable registration fee of $150 will be charged at registration time ($100 for subsequent children).

Prior to registering, contact us to book a tour of the school.

Early Drop-offs/ Late Pick-ups

Working parents, we are here for you! For $5 you can arrange before and/or after school care. If your little one isn't finished breakfast yet, wrap it up and drop it off with them. Getting dressed and out the door is enough. Limited spots available.

Early drop-off starting at 7:30 AM

Late pick-up until 5 :00 PM

Additional Information
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